My name is Keeley Moss. I’m a blogger, writer and musician from Dublin – the city where Inga-Maria Hauser had intended to travel to on the day after she was murdered.

38. Mar 4th

My original intention for the blog was to focus on various True Crime cases that intrigued me or that I felt warranted further investigation. But in May 2016 I read about the horrific 1988 unsolved murder of Inga-Maria Hauser and was so profoundly moved by this particular case that it has dominated my thoughts for almost 2 years now, so much so that it became the focus of all my writing, both in terms of this blog and any new songs I’m involved in writing.

My tenacity is tireless where this case is concerned. If my efforts can help to provide an outlet by which the investigation can be advanced that would be amazing. But otherwise my intention is to generate and maintain interest in this remarkable and tragic mystery as well as paying tribute to Inga-Maria’s short life. This blog comprises the most detailed account assembled of the last week of her life, a journey through Britain and Ireland that meant a lot to her, together with the most comprehensive account of the case and the ensuing investigation. All my work is dedicated with love, compassion and respect to the memory of Inga-Maria.

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Please get in touch if you have any information or recollections in relation to this case by posting a comment at the foot of the blog or via email in the ‘Contact’ section.