The Keeley Chronicles PART 7

The definitive account of the only case of its kind in Northern Ireland, the ongoing campaign for justice and a labour-of-love in memory of the victim of a murder mystery still officially unsolved after 31 years

123. Mar 21st (cropped)

By Keeley Moss


Special Feature: The Tom Dunne Show Interview

Recently I was invited to appear on Newstalk’s The Tom Dunne Show to speak about Inga-Maria’s case in depth. I consider this a great honour as not only am I a regular listener to this show but it is to my knowledge the first time that Inga-Maria and her case have been discussed on national radio in the Republic of Ireland. In this post I would like to share with you that interview which I’ve uploaded below as although many people now follow this blog, many of you may not have heard the broadcast on the night.

On reflection I speak a bit too quickly during the interview I think, certainly faster than I ordinarily would, but I’m familiar with how compressed the formats of radio and TV broadcasting are and therefore I was conscious of the need to try to fit as much as possible into what I knew would be a tight timeframe. There are some aspects of the case I wish I’d focused on more than others but again due to my awareness of time restrictions I sensed it was best at the time to try to speak about the case more broadly and with not as much detail as there is in this blog. I was also conscious of the fact that most of the show’s listeners would be unfamiliar with the case so as a result I thought that giving a broad overview of the case might work better. Radio interviews are very much a one-take scenario, so it wasn’t possible to make any additions or omissions afterwards (although being a perfectionist I did ask if I could re-record it. But the station felt it was fine as it was).

The interview was roughly twice as long as you’ll hear here but I subsequently edited it  in order to include only the parts that are relevant to Inga-Maria’s case, out of respect to her and the case.

I’d like to thank the show’s producer Eoghan, and the presenter Tom Dunne for giving me airtime to discuss Inga-Maria’s case and for having me on what is always a great show. American singer-songwriter Ryan Adams and I are the only people to have been interviewed on the show this year.

Thanks also to the good people of Northern Ireland, and in particular the local communities of North Antrim for the interest, support and encouragement you have provided me with throughout my work on this case to date. It is always very much appreciated.




Inga-Maria Hauser cropped-inga-classic-pic-better-quality
May 28th 1969 – April 6th 1988. Never forgotten.

© Keeley Moss 2017

All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced in any form without the permission in writing from the copyright owner.


8 thoughts on “The Keeley Chronicles PART 7

  1. This story takes me back to the time when i was 32, living near Ballypatrick forest. I was at a time when i was out jogging on the roads. It has stuck in my mind that i was followed by a man in a small silver car. one particular day this person hid his car in a laneway and got out i could see his head over the top of the hedge and i was in a panic i didn’t know how i could get past where he was hiding. Thankfully the grocery van came behind me and i ran for my life passing the laneway at which time the man went back to the car. My husband went to see who it was but the car had left the area. I reported the incident to Ballycastle police at the time and one of my children saw them stop the same car a few days later. I never found out who it was but it was very frightening.

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  2. Excellent Keeley. Well worth listening to. Someone out there knows, or is suspicious about what happened, and maybe, just maybe, this will give them the push they need to come forward. Hopefully this awful case will be solved soon – it has gone unpunished for too long.

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    • Thanks Brigene for your lovely comment. Your interest in the blog and in Inga-Maria’s case is much appreciated. I agree wholeheartedly – it has indeed gone unpunished for too long


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