The Keeley Chronicles PART 4

The definitive account of the only case of its kind in Northern Ireland, the ongoing campaign for justice and a labour-of-love in memory of the victim of a murder mystery still officially unsolved after 31 years

123. Mar 21st (cropped)

By Keeley Moss


Special Feature: ‘422’

Having posted the third part of the blog and after once again witnessing a remarkable response, I thought that I had perhaps reached the end of my involvement with this case. But a case like this is hard to let go of. Inga-Maria is on my mind as much now as at any point during the months I wrote the previous three installments. The case is in my thoughts when I wake up in the morning, right the way through each day and last thing at night. But what more is there to say? Plenty, I am discovering. And plenty of ways in which to say it. One such way is via the uniquely-emotional and communicative fusion of words and music.

Without further ado I’d like to present this, it is I believe the first song written about the case, certainly the first to be made available. It is one of a number of songs about Inga-Maria and her journey through life and/or about the investigation I have written or co-written.

This song has not been officially released, I wanted to make it available only here.

Hope you like it.





Inga-Maria Hauser cropped-inga-classic-pic-better-quality
May 28th 1969 – April 6th 1988. Never forgotten.

© Keeley Moss 2016

All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced in any form without the permission in writing from the copyright owner.


Acknowledgement for Part 4

‘422’ written by Keeley Moss & Ingmar808. Published by Copyright Control ©2016


4 thoughts on “The Keeley Chronicles PART 4

    • Thank you Robert. So glad you like it. I wanted to make that song available only here, as a bit of ‘hidden treasure’ sort of like the way a secret track used to be placed at the end of an album after a gap of some silence. Thank you for exploring the Chronicles and taking the time to explore and discover it’s many layers. Thanks most of all for your interest in Inga’s campaign. “She, she she she shine on”.


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