The Keeley Chronicles PART 4

The definitive account of the only case of its kind in Northern Ireland, the ongoing campaign for justice and a labour-of-love in memory of the victim of a murder mystery still officially unsolved after 31 years

123. Mar 21st (cropped)

By Keeley Moss


Special Feature: ‘422’

Having posted the third part of the blog and after once again witnessing a remarkable response, I thought that I had perhaps reached the end of my involvement with this case. But a case like this is hard to let go of. Inga-Maria is on my mind as much now as at any point during the months I wrote the previous three installments. The case is in my thoughts when I wake up in the morning, right the way through each day and last thing at night. But what more is there to say? Plenty, I am discovering. And plenty of ways in which to say it. One such way is via the uniquely-emotional and communicative fusion of words and music.

Without further ado I’d like to present this, it is I believe the first song written about the case, certainly the first to be made available. It is one of a number of songs about Inga-Maria and her journey through life and/or about the investigation I have written or co-written.

This song has not been officially released, I wanted to make it available only here.

Hope you like it.





Inga-Maria Hauser cropped-inga-classic-pic-better-quality
May 28th 1969 – April 6th 1988. Never forgotten.

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Acknowledgement for Part 4

‘422’ written by Keeley Moss & Ingmar808. Published by Copyright Control ©2016